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Tarpon Fishing Lower Keys

Tarpon Fishing Lower Florida Keys
The Lower Florida Keys are notorious for amazing flats fishing for tarpon.

The Lower Keys are the least traveled part of the Florida Keys. We call it the “real” Florida Keys. Out of the hustle and bustle of the rest of it. There are fewer places to stay but many deals can be found. 

The Lower Keys are absolutely the perfect place to go tarpon fishing, especially during tarpon season. Tarpon can be found in the Lower Keys nearly year round. 

The fishing guides of the Lower Keys are the real deal. Offering professionalism and seasoned experience. 

Tarpon Fishing Guides In The Lower Keys

Professional tarpon fishing guide in The Lower Keys since 1994. Capt. Steven lives in Sugarloaf Key and is a Veteran. Boasting state of the art flats fishing and bay boats with the best equipment money can buy to use daily with his clients. Specializing in Permit, bonefish and tarpon fishing using Spin or fly fishing tackle made by DAIWA and ORVIS. 

About Lower Keys Tarpon Fishing

The Lower Keys consist of Big Pine Key, Sugarloaf Keys, Cudjoe Key, Ramrod and the Torch Keys. These islands have the best part of the backcountry islands of the Florida Keys. As the tides ebb and flow in and out around all these islands tarpon are moving in and around the island always in the hunt for a snack. 

Tarpon can be found year round in the Lower Florida Keys. In the winter the big fish come in during the warmer days. They lay up in the channels and in the deeper flats. Spring brings the migration where they tarpon will be everywhere, a great time to target them using spin fishing tackle with artificial or live bait. Fly fishing is also very popular this time of the year from May through June. In the Fall the juvenile tarpon are laying up in the mangroves and basins. These are really fun targets for spin fishing or fly fishing. 

Lower Keys tarpon fishing guides will use either traditional flats fishing skiffs or technical shallow water bay fishing boats to target tarpon in the Lower Keys. Check out their web sites and see what tools they use, give them a call directly and ask them questions about how they target the Lower Keys Tarpon..