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Key Largo Fishing

Key Largo fishing
The First Key To The Florida Keys

Key Largo sits at the top of the chain of Keys or islands that make up the Florida Keys.  Tucked up close the the Florida mainland, Key Largo offers diverse opportunities for fishermen of all skill levels. 

Whether you are looking for the chance at the big three fish of the flats, tarpon, permit and bonefish or the challenge of big game fishing out on the blue water for sailfish, tuna and mahi-mahi (dolphin), you will find it here in Key Largo. 

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More About Key Largo Fishing

Great fishing begins at the water’s edge on the oceanside of Key Largo flats fishing!  The flats found along the length of Key Largo are home to permit, tarpon and bonefish.  Sight fishing for the “Big Three” can be done along the same stretch of flats on any given day.  Choose your style of angling and go for it, your Key Largo fishing guide will supply you with the best spin and fly fishing gear available. Some fishing guides specialize In bonefishing and tarpon fishing.

A short distance from the flats you will find random stands of coral heads and rock pile reefs that offer fishermen the chance to catch, several species of snapper, mackerel, grouper and tasty hog fish.  If you are looking for fast fishing action and a wide variety of fish, then reef and patch reef fishing is what you need.  You will find that this type of reef fishing will please anglers of all skill levels. 

A mix of ship wrecks from small scattered rubble piles to fully intact ships rest on the sea floor offshore of Key Largo.  The water depths vary from 10 feet to over 300 feet so there is a wide selection of fishing to be had here.  Wrecks form artificial reefs and make great habitat for the whole food chain.  In the Fall and Winter huge bait pods will hold over the deeper wrecks and attract tunas, mackerels and sailfish on the surface.  Down deep towards the wreck structure you find grouper, snappers and other bottom dwellers. Here you will troll a selection of baits both natural and artificial and bottom fishing is popular as well.

Deep sea fishing off of Key Largo starts at the reef line approximately 4 miles out and you can find yourself a fight with a vast array of pelagic species.  Wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, tunas, swordfish and the occasional marlin will show up in a spread of trolled baits.  Deep wrecks and sea mounts dot the bottom offshore and will hold fish of all types through out the year. 

The Everglades National Park’s boundary waters are a short boat ride away on the Florida Bay side of Key Largo.  Commonly referred to as the “Backcountry”  these waters are teeming with fish and wildlife.  The backcountry waters are shallow, averaging 3 feet in depth and dotted with islands and flats.  This diverse habitat supports life above and below the waterline.  A huge population of wading and shore birds can be found here and manatee, dolphin and crocodiles live here as well.  The list of fish found here reads like a who’s who of angling all stars!  Redfish, snook, sea trout, permit, bonefish and tarpon call the Bay home.  Sharks, snapper, jacks, ladyfish, pompano, grouper, sheeps head and black drum will hit just about anything that you can throw their way.   Flats and backcountry fishing in the Everglades has mass appeal.  If you can hold a fishing rod you can have a wildly successful day on the water.  Really!  Pick a method of fishing and your Key Largo fishing guide will take you to the action.  Families enjoy the calmer waters of the backcountry and the availability of bay boats that can carry 4 passengers along with the captain into the Park.  Parents with younger children will enjoy the short boat trips and the fast action of the backcountry fishing.  Seasoned fishermen will find the sight fishing for flats dwellers an exciting challenge.

More About Key Largo

Enjoy many different kinds of places to stay. Your local fishing guide will have his favorites that he will recommend. From chain hotels and resorts to good old Ma and Pa places that are clean and comfortable Key Largo has it all. Just 45 minutes from the Miami International airport Key Largo is a great first fishing stop in the smiling Islands of the Florida Keys.

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