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Fly Fishing Key West

fly fishing Key West
Key West Fly Fishing Guides and Charters

Welcome to Key West, a mecca for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking the thrill of chasing bonefish, permit, tarpon, and more in the pristine waters of the Florida Keys. With its shallow flats, clear waters, and diverse marine life, Key West offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the world

To make the most of your fly fishing adventure in Key West, consider hiring a local guide. These experienced professionals are intimately familiar with the local waters and can provide valuable insights and tips to help you hook into your target species.


Key West Fly Fishing Guides and Charters

Professional fly fishing guide in Key West since 1994. Capt. Steven is a Veteran. Boasting state of the art boats and the best equipment money can buy to use daily with his clients. Specializing in Permit, bonefish and tarpon fishing using the best fly fishing tackle made by ORVIS. Bay boat and technical flats fishing skiff. Offshore fly fishing as well. 

About Key West Fly Fishing

Key West’s unique ecosystem provides ideal conditions for fly fishing, with opportunities to target a variety of species including bonefish, permit, tarpon, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned fly angler or new to the sport, Key West’s flats offer a challenging and rewarding experience for all skill levels.

Pro Tips

  • Choose the Right Flies: Matching the hatch is crucial in Key West, so make sure to have a variety of flies in your box.
  • Practice Your Cast: Key West’s shallow waters require precise casting, so be sure to practice before your trip.
  • Be Patient and Observant: Fly fishing in Key West can be challenging, so take your time and watch for signs of fish activity.
  • Respect the Environment: Key West is committed to protecting its marine ecosystem, so practice catch and release and follow all fishing regulations.