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Backcountry Fishing Key West

backcountry fishing charters in Key West
Backcountry Fishing In Key West and Marquesas Keys

Backcountry fishing is the most popular fishing charter in Key West. Hands down more people go out on backcountry fishing charters than any other fishing charter. Calm, fun, plenty of fish and no seasickness. Catch lots of fish and have a ball without all the work on a Key West backcountry fishing charter. Chose A Fishing Guide Here….

Backcountry Fishing Charters and Guides

Go backcountry fishing in Key West with the professional fishing guides at Dream Catcher Charters. State of the art bay boats and equipment that is meticulously maintained for you to have your best day fishing. 4, 6 and 8 hour fishing charters for up to 4 persons.

Fishing the shallows of Key West since the 90s. Capt. Steven has seen and adapted to many of the changes in Key West fishing. He offers 4, 6 and 8 hour fishing charters on board his 24 ft state of the art bay boat custom built by Yellowfin Yachts. Specializing in the Marquesas Keys

More about Key West Backcountry Fishing

In the Key West backcountry the shallow areas are called the ‘flats’ and the deeper areas are called channels. Most of the islands that make up the Key West backcountry are mangrove islands. These islands don’t actually have much land mass to them so the water passes right through. This whole eco system acts as a huge estuary and are home to an enormous population of little fish waiting to be big fish. Feeding on shrimp, squid, crabs and whatever else comes through in the daily flush of tides. All the while growing up to one day move offshore. Fish the flats or backcountry of the Lower Keys for the predators. trout, redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit, pompano, spanish mackerel, mutton and mangrove snappers, barracudas and 4 species of sharks. Our professional Lower Keys backcountry and flats fishing guides will take you to them all.

All year long is the best time to fish the Key West Backcountry. For volume of fish and different species the best time would be the winter. Our cast of species is greatest in the winter from November through May offering anglers that want to catch a bunch of different species an opportunity to do so. Tarpon fishing is also fantastic in the Key West backcountry waters, from April thorough July you can happen upon some tarpon that may reach 100 lbs. Tarpon fishing is a mainstay for a Key West backcountry Fishing guide. Booked solid is the way to be as it is our busy season. Book early if you have tarpon on you mind for your day of backcountry fishing in key West.