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Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

tarpon fishing islamorada
The legends of tarpon fishing are in Islamorada

Fishing for tarpon in Islamorada, Florida. The sport fishing capitol of the world offers the visiting angler the best of the best in tarpon fishing guides that specialize in this incredible sport. Being a fishing guide in the Florida Keys is a tradition that spans back many years. The tarpon fishing guides of Islamorada take that tradition seriously showing their clients a quality time on the water with fun, Friendly attitudes and great tarpon fishing.

Check out our Islamorada tarpon fishing guides and give them a call to see what they have to offer. 

Tarpon Fishing Guides In Islamorada

Go with experience you can trust at Bun N Marys. Tarpon fishing guides that are seasoned to know when and where to find the fish and the patience to teach you how to catch them. Centrally located in Islamorada. Tarpon are a bucket list fish and Islamorada has them. 

Call Direct – 305-664-2461

The beautiful sights of the Everglades National Park are a short ride across Florida Bay and once there the fishing is spectacular! The list is varied from Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout to Tarpon, Snappers and HUGE sharks. This  is a Florida keys fishing trip of a lifetime!

Tarpon Fishing In Islamorada

Islamorada tarpon fishing guides have access to tarpon most every day of the year. With amazingly easy access to the Everglades National Park and further to the 10,000 islands the Islamorada fishing guides can put anglers on the fish. The tarpon in Islamorada range in size from 15 – 200lbs and put up a world class fight. 

In the spring the tarpon migration is a huge draw to Islamorada for tarpon fishing. During the migration booking in advance is Key to getting the guide you want. The rest of the year tarpon can be found in various places close and far ranging in size from 15 – 200lbs. 

Anglers can chose fishing guides that specialize in Light tackle spin fishing OR fly fishing. Typically our tarpon fishing guides use bay boats or flats fishing skiffs to target tarpon in Islamorada. These choices are up to the angler. Communicate with your fishing guide directly and see what suits you and your day of tarpon fishing the best.  The point here is to call or email our tarpon fishing guides direct in person. 

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