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Bonefishing Florida Keys

Bonefishing Florida Keys
Bonefishing on the flats of the Florida Keys

Our fishing guides have easy daily access to some of the best bonefishing found anywhere! Right in the shallows of the flats and backcountry waters surrounding the Florida Keys. From Key Largo through Islamorada, Marathon the lower keys, Key West and out to the Marquesas the bonefishing is awesome.

Join one of our veteran flats fishing guides who have made a life’s passion guiding anglers to a shot for a bonefish. Our bonefishing guides offer fly fishing and light tackle spin fishing gear. — Careful, bonefishing may become an addiction. 

The beautiful sights of the Everglades National Park are a short ride across Florida Bay and once there the fishing is spectacular! The list is varied from Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout to Tarpon, Snappers and HUGE sharks. This  is a Florida keys fishing trip of a lifetime!

Veteran Key West flats fishing guide, Capt. Steven Lamp. Bonefishing out of Key West on state of the art flats fishing skiff or bay boat. A specialist from Big Pine Key to the Marquesas Keys. Sight fishing the ghost of the flats with spin fishing tackle or fly since 1994. 

Dream Catcher Charters has been a flats and backcountry fishing charter company for 30 years in Key West. Bonefishing is just one of our professional fishing guides specialties. Just 15 minutes from our dock we are bonefishing with our anglers on state of the art boats. 

Learn More About Florida Keys Bonefishing

Bonefish are constant opportunistic feeders with inferior mouths that are like a small dog always in search of a treat in and among the turtle grasses and sand flats that make up the Florida Keys backcountry waters. Small crabs and shrimp are high on this fishes diet.

With the changing of the tides, wind directions and temperatures bonefish can be found anywhere. From tailing in 8 inches of water to the channels that might be as deep as 25 feet. The deeper the fish, the easier he is to catch is a rule of thumb.

As you and your Bonefishing guide make your way across the flats where the bonefish live you will be instructed within your casting range where to place your live bait, artificial or fly. 

Florida Keys bonefish range in sized from 4 – 15 lbs and offer a fight any seasoned angler would be proud of with long burning runs and quick turns. Their unpredictable nature is what makes fishing for them so much fun. Shallow or deep, big or small these fish fight hard…

When To Go Bonefishing

The best time of the year for Bonefishing is from March through October and sometimes into November. The larger bonefish are here in the Florida Keys during the months of Sept and October offering anglers shots at fish that may reach 15 lbs. The Upper Florida Keys such as Key Largo and Islamorada bonefish can be considerably larger but with that also very smart. The Lower Keys bonefish are good size and more numerous with the Key West bonefishing being the easiest and most plentiful with catches of 10 – 15 fish in a day not uncommon.

About Bonefishing Boats

Traditionally a flats fishing boat is used to get into the super shallow (skinny) waters to present anglers with opportunities at tailing fish. This is the holy grail of bonefishing to super light tackle enthusiasts and fly fishing.

Recently thanks to the advent of shallow water bay boats, bay boats that carry up to 4 persons have gotten in the mix offering a little more comfort and a little easier to catch bonefish that may live in 1.5 – 5 ft of water. Your choice on the fishing guide and the type of boat he may offer.

Bonefishing Tackle And Techniques

Bonefishing can be done with light tackle spin fishing gear or fly Fishing. Your choice. You don’t have to be an expert with either but a good solid understanding of your choice of tackle is helpful to your success. Rods and reels are provided by our fishing guides.

Bait fishing for bonefish is done with a spinning rod. Some fishing guides will chum the waters to get the bonefish within reach of your cast making it much easier to catch one. Other guides will poll the flats testing your ability to cast at a moments notice and intercept the fish. Either way the angler will experience the thrill of the bonefishes bullet speed and power. Let one of our flats fishing guides match the fish to your experience.

Fly fishing for bonefish is an art. A swift strong accurate cast is needed here and a double haul may be necessary to get it there in a smart wind. Fly fishing for bonefish is a great way to hone ones skills needed to catch the holy grail of fly fishing the flats, Permit on the fly.