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Visitors to the Florida Keys have loads of questions. Many join a Facebook group such as Florida Keys Fishing to learn more about the details of Fishing Florida Keys. Here we have a collection of frequently asked questions about fishing charters, bookings and details about how things work in the for hire sector of the Florida Keys Fishing. We are constantly improving this section. This is the right answer to all of these questions.. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Keys Fishing

Most charters and captains require a 20% deposit of the total trip fare to make a reservation. This is normal.

Some require payment upfront. 

Make SURE…. you get a confirmation stating the day of your fishing appointment and emergency or direct phone numbers in case there is an issue. 

Each charter boat is different. 

Pro Tip: Ask…

When booking your Florida Keys Fishing charter speak to your fishing guide and find out the amenities of the boat. It is not uncommon to ask for a photo of the boat or the specific amenity. 

Typically Speaking: Flats boats, bay boats and some reef fishing center consoles do not have bathrooms (heads) Most Sport fishing boats for deep sea fishing do.. 

Most – if not all – fishing guides and charters that are for real will have the boat loaded with fishing gear for you to use on your fishing charter

Typically: For Fly fishing charters it is common for anglers to bring their own gear. Make sure it is what the guide recommends. 

Pro Tip: If you do decide to bring your own gear please check with your captain to ask what kind of lines and whatnots to put on your rod and reel.

Yourself, whatever you want to eat, drinks (water, Gatorade, sodas, and beer is okay too) sunscreen lotion (not spray please), a good pair of polarized sunglasses, white soled shoes, a jacket on cool or rainy days, a hat, and maybe a camera.  

Pro Tips:

  1. If you are flats fishing, and backcountry fishing guides have limited space in their boats. Please do not move in. Ask your fishing guide for tips. 
  2. Deep sea fishing boats have much more room and cooler space but please be realistic in how much beer you can consume on a day of fishing. 

Each Florida Keys fishing charter or guide runs their operation in their unique way. Ask Them… 

Typically: Fishing tackle, Bait, licenses, bottled waters and ice is a good starter kit. 

Most private charters can cary 6 paying passengers by federal law. 

Sounds funny huh? But we get this question all the time. When we can predict this we won’t be taking you fishing anymore.  Seriously though, it depends on what we fish for, when we fish for it, how well you do fishing for it, and how many fish we see for the day of fishing that you have set forth to see and catch fish…… 

In other words, we have no idea.

Catch a trophy? Want to take it home? We offer artificial replica mounting that is second to none. And what’s best yet is the fish lives on in the water and on your wall. Let your guide know you are looking for a mount so that he gets the proper info from your catch.

Most Florida Keys fishing guides will let you keep what is legally caught and in season and you can take to eat, or ship home. We also have restaurants that will Cook Your Catch

Pro Tip: Find out about filleting and bagging your fish from your fishing guide.


If you feel as though you or someone in your group has a problem with motion sickness please consider avoidance of offshore fishing charters. If you still intend on going offshore please take a precautionary drug such as Dramamine, Bonine or Triptone at least 45 minutes prior to your charter’s departure. People typically do not get seasick on the flats.  No refunds will be issued due to seasickness.  

Each type of Florida Keys fishing has its own threshold of weather limitations. 

Pro Tip:

  1. Keep In Touch with your fishing guide or charter. 
  2. Know and understand your fishing charters weather cancellation policy. 

This Is Why: You call our fishing guides and charters listed here and book directly with them. 

Read your confirmation or discuss the cancellation policy with the fishing guide or charter. This will help eliminate any misunderstandings. 

Call your Florida Keys Fishing charter As Soon As You Know you cannot make your trip.. Send them a text.. Send them an email.. Get ahold of them – LET THEM KNOW….. If they have had you sign a confirmation then, typically that will be the procedure. BE NICE!!! Explain why and maybe you might get a break.. It all depends on the captain or charter you have booked. Good Luck!.. 

Pro Tip: Always Book Fishing with a direct line to the captain or charter. 

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