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Key West fishing with Dream Catchrer Charters

Key West Fishing


All the way to the end of the Overseas Highway you will find a neat little drinking town that has a major fishing problem. Key West, Florida arguably has the most diversity in salt water fishing than any other place on the planet. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the south Key West is as versatile as it gets in angling adventure. It's truly all right here.

Key West is famous for fishing both inshore and offshore. With so many directions to head and the most square miles of ocean to fish than any other Florida Keys destination Key West is right up there on most Salt Water anglers bucket list.

Key West fishing
Key West fishing Dream Catcher Charters Dream Catcher Charters --- Backcountry / Flats Fishing
Professional fishing guides take you to the fish. State of the art bay boats and flats boats. 4, 6 and 8 hour trips available every day of the year. For over 20 years Dream Catcher Charters has been the standard everyone is trying to reach.
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Key West fishing guide Capt. Steven Lamp --- Backcountry / Flats Fishing
Big Pine, Sugarloaf Key and Key West Capt. Steven specializes in flats, backcountry and reef fishing. 17 ft technical flats fishing skiff and 24 ft Yellowfin bay boat. Versatility and capability. I invite you to become one of my regular clients.
1-305-304-0497 ----

Capt. Rob Harris Got Ta Go --- Wreck / Reef / Deep Sea Fishing
Wreck and Reef fishing out of Key West on board the Got Ta Go. 34 ft catamaran that offers a smooth ride, shade and a bathroom. Have fun, fish in comfort and enjoy your day on the reefs, wrecks or blue waters out of Key West.
1-888-362-3474 ----


More About Key West fishing

The southernmost point of the United States Key West is out at the end of it all. We are way out here in the middle of nowhere and yet when it comes to the fishing Key West is it, the center of the Universe. Explore Key West and you will see that culture is not the only diversity to be found here..

Check out our sister site for more information about Key West for activities, accommodations and vacation planning help.

It's hard to recommend a kind of fishing that is truly the best in Key West, it's all fantastic. Having professionally guided most types of fishing here in Key West I have seen all the same results; Smiles and people happy with a trophy resulting from their day on the water. Flats, backcountry, offshore, wreck, reef, and deep sea the fishing guides of Key West know how to show you a great time in your favorite arena.

The Flats and Backcountry Fishing

With so much influence from the two large bodies of water surrounding Key West it's no wonder the backcountry should be just lit up with hot fishing action. All year round the tides flush the backcountry waters and flats with new regenerated water teaming with bait bringing the predators of the shallows right up in super shallow water. The backcountry waters of Key West extend not only to the gulf of Mexico side of the Overseas Highway but unique to Key West, also to the West. Out to the west of Key West we have a body of water called "The Lakes" though this area backcountry and flats fishing guides use the Lakes Passage" to fish and transverse this incredible fishing area. Further to the West of Key West lie the most amazing inshore fishing experience that can only be seen to be described and that is the Marquesas Keys.

Tarpon fishing season is a huge event in Key West that starts in March and does not let up till late July only to be replaced the rest of the year with a great baby tarpon fishery for light tackle fishing enthusiasts both fly fishing and spin fishing. Backcountry and flats fishing guides run tarpon fishing trips exclusively during this time and bookings can get tight. It is recommended you book your fishing charter way in advance during this time to get your quality fishing guide.

The last few years has brought to Key West and the Marquesas an incredibly abundant Bonefishing opportunity with many fish in the 6 lb. range and larger ones reaching 9 labs. I have seen many inshore backcountry flats fishing charters come back in with 6 - 14 bonefish releases in 6 hour charters. In comparison Key West is a great place for the novice bone fisherman to get geared up and take on some of the smarter. larger upper Keys and Marathon Bonefish. Check out our selection of Bonefishing guides that specialize in this fantastic fishery.

Shark Fishing in the Backcountry and on the flats of Key West is GREAT! almost a year round catch and release fishery an angler can expect to have shots at sharks that weigh up to and exceeding 300lbs. Bull sharks, lemons sharks, black tip sharks, American sharp nosed head up the cast for Key West with guest appearances from hammer head sharks from time to time

Sight fishing the flats is amazing out of Key West. Our flats fishing guides have dedicated their lives to perfecting their trade of searching out the Key West grand slam of a tarpon, permit and bonefish all in one day. This angling feat is not impossible out of Key West sport fishermen all over the world make our Key West flats a year in and year out destination.

Wreck And Reef Fishing

Unique to the Middle and Lower Keys is easy access to some of the best wreck and reef fishing to be found anywhere, Key West is no exception. Wrecks are dotted all over the Gulf Of Mexico and in the Atlantic some have been there for a hundred years and some not so long. Many of these wrecks were put down for various reason but mostly by accident. Last count I have over 65 verified fishing wrecks within 40 miles of the island of Key West and I am sure if you got all the secrets out of the captains of Key West that number would grow exponentially.

The reef runs the full length of the Florida Keys, all the way from Key Biscayne off of Miami clear past the Dry Tortugas Keys 70 miles west of Key West. The Florida Keys reef line averages a depth of about 23 ft. with an inner reef called the patch reefs and the outer reefs called the deep reef. The reef is the Florida Keys first line of defense for the destructive waves of big storms such as hurricanes. Made up of new and ancient coral formations the reef holds a huge assortment of fish of all shapes and sizes. The reef of the Florida Keys is the largest in the Northern Hemisphere and in some places populated by over 200 species of fish.

Key West wreck and reef fishing is a great way to go for a day on a fast boat to fish both on light tackle and have a ball. Check out our wreck and reef light tackle fishing guides and see what trip is best for you. Mostly done as a private charter this trip is the number one way to take home a filet of our finest Key West fishing seafood.

Deep Sea Fishing

Come to Key West for deep sea fishing the way Hemingway did it so many years ago. Just 5 miles to the south of Key West and just over the reef line our fleet of Key West sport fishing boats will take you on an adventure of fishing proportions. Trolling the blue waters of the Gulf Stream where new meaning to the word blue come to mind. Fly fish guide the way as birds hold the signs for the game fish below. Dolphin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish, marlin, swordfish, bonita and more are the headliners for offshore trolling adventure. Check out the Key West Deep Sea Fishing fleet to learn more about what may be available for you.

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